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Boarding School

O novo internato receberá alunos com idades compreendidas entre os 14 e os 18 anos, dotando-os de ferramentas essenciais para a construção de um futuro de sucesso.

Portugal’s growing market for education, housing, and general quality of life is a force to be reckoned with. Considered one of the safest countries in the world, and with a weather that catches everyone’s eye, the country has received in the last couple of years, many families from all over the globe. St. Peter’s International School is proud to be part of the answer for these families. For its bilingual environment, its international curriculum or wonderful pedagogical model, we have become the place that a considerable number of families call home. As education progresses, so do we. We are now ready and excited to announce our new Boarding Service, that will mark the beginning of a new adventure, where school and family work together hand in hand, to provide our children with the future we all know they deserve. With comfortable rooms, after school tutors, and access to a modern and safe campus, our boarding students will feel just as if they are in their own houses.

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