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Baking for a Cause

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On the 4th and 18th December, a bake sale was organized by the members of the St. Peter’s International Section Student Council, with the purpose of raising money to help children in need.

The funds from the first bake sale will be donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which grants the wishes of children with very serious diseases. Their cause has already helped over 400 000 people and will hopefully continue to grow. The proceeds from the second sale will be donated to the APOIAR Foundation, a Portuguese NGO focused on promoting development projects in Nutrition, Health and Education in Africa. Their efforts have helped more than 20 000 families and thousands of children.

The Student Council felt that the Christmas season would be a great time to develop a project that involved donations. “During the months of lockdown, we realised how fortunate we were for affording to stay at home, while many people struggled. We felt the need to help society in some way, or at least a part of it, so it was only logical to start a project for charity. Considering that Christmas is just around the corner and being aware of how many children unfortunately suffer from critical illnesses, we ended up choosing the Make-a-Wish Foundation as the charity that we were going to donate to, since we wanted to spread the magic of Christmas to these children. Later, we were told about a different charity, APOIAR, whose objectives aligned with our goals, so we decided to split the proceeds and donate to both.” wrote IB2 student and President of the Student Council, Nuno Wang. After all, it’s in the Christmas spirit to give without expecting anything in return.

As a participant in the sale, I was able to witness first-hand the amazing effort that was put into providing the best possible environment for customers, and I feel that was one of its strongest points. The closeness between students allowed for a casual atmosphere that certainly made customers feel at ease. However, despite the relaxed approach, there were obviously safety measures put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Customers had to disinfect their hands after a purchase and the money was put inside a cup to avoid exchanges. Nonetheless, both sales went smoothly, and we managed to raise 282€ that will definitely help contribute to the happiness of many children.

Lastly, both the Student Council and the other participants are very grateful to those who supported the cause by either buying from us or simply donating, and so are the children and the foundations who are currently doing their best to help them.

Download the “Christmas Bake Sale” poster!

Tiago Silva (IB2)



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