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Open for Learning
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Open for Learning
It is with great pride that St. Peter’s International School has become a reference in educational quality for all children and young people from Nursery to Secondary School. With a highly focused humanist approach which provides students with all the tools necessary for their personal development, today we continue on a path that began a quarter of a century ago. With a community of more than 35 nationalities and a highly qualified teaching team, today we accept a new challenge: Online Education.

Since we started this new teaching model, we have recorded an extraordinary attendance rate from our students, which has been an excellent indicator that we continue to innovate, grow and improve daily, meaning that, despite experiencing this rather different period in our lives, we still correspond to the quality standard that characterises us.

In light if this, we are glad to inform you that St. Peter’s International School continues to be:

Open for Learning - Because here, learning continues as our students’ daily routines have been adapted to include their teachers’ presence: just a click away ...

Open for Learning for Our Prospective Parents - We continue to grow and meet more families who wish to start a new journey with us, offering them a complete and stimulating curriculum that prepares children for tomorrow ...

Open for Learning for Ourselves - Passion for teaching is simply not enough and, therefore, we have to strive to be more and be better. We face this new challenge with motivation, readiness and the certainty that we have to adapt and grow together with our students.