St. Peter's International School

O Colégio St. Peter´s School assenta numa formação educativa desde jardim-de-infância até à faculdade. 1º ciclo, 2ºciclo, 3ºciclo, secundário. Localizado em Palmela, Lisboa

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Summer Fun
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Summer Fun
With this summer camp, we seek to meet the expectations and interests of a significant number of students, occupying their free time in a fun and positive way. Students are able to take part in as many one-week modules as they wish. The activities are designed for a safe and balanced environment, while constantly challenging students, providing a number of memorable experiences allowing contact with nature and where social skills are developed.

Summer Fun provides a wide variety of summer activities such as carting, horse-riding, paintball, adventure park activities, beach sports, canoeing, walks in the Arrábida Mountains, pool activities and more. Each week students spend an evening at the school, where socialising and sharing play a dominant role.

The cost of each program includes participation in all activities, meals (mid-morning snack, lunch and mid-afternoon snack), insurance, technical support material, the journeys to and from the activities, as well as a welcome kit for all participants.

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