João Guerreiro

Curtain status: Monitor Professor at the Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics – UCP

Student between 2000 and 2007

I studied at St. Peter’s for 7 years. I know, therefore, the importance given, not only to academic training of the highest excellence, but also to the personal and moral training of each of the students. The board, teachers and all the staff of the school continue as a large family that celebrates with great happiness the success of each of its former students. In fact, it is also the result of the school’s immense effort and dedication. Thank you very much.

Catarina Arroz Oliveira

Universidade Católica Portuguesa – International Msc in Business Administration, Major in Corporate Finance
ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa – Bachelor’s degree, Business Administration and Management
St. Peter’s School – The best in the world! St. Peter’s International School was more than a school. It was my second home. I was so happy during my passage through there. It was there that I made friends for life, that I grew up, that I defined myself. All of this with the help of the board, teachers and staff. I feel like they are my second family. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to study at St. Peter’s. It was there that I learnt study methods, developed my skills and realized what my professional vocation was. We are guided and prepared for what awaits us in the real professional world. The level of demand is high, but always supported by the constant support, delivery and dedication of the teachers. We are motivated to work and fight to make our dreams come true. Much of my education, success and happiness are the result of my passage through St. Peter’s, and for that I will be forever grateful. July 2016

Afonso Monteiro

Nova School Business of Economics – Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
Business Analyst – PKNOA, Portugal, 2016
Having spent 15 years at St. Peter’s International School, summarizing my experience is no easy task. I started at 3 years of age and left at the age of 18, with many stories to tell and remember. Being a student at this school was a privilege that everyone who has this possibility should have. Throughout this time I met the nicest, dearest and most dedicated people I could meet, who always treated me very well, even when I didn’t deserve it. But that is what education is all about and that patience and concern are only available to the most capable. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if there hadn’t been so much patience and care over the years. From the teachers who taught me to read and write, in English and Portuguese, to draw and play; even those who helped and contributed to getting me into the university I wanted, I remember all these faces with great honour and gratitude. At St. Peter’s International School you will find teachers who leave no doubt to be cleared, nor any problem unresolved because they do everything they can do to help us, even if it is not related to the subject, simply because they care about us and about our well-being. They know when to be ‘the teacher’ and when to be ‘the friend’. I learned a lot and in the best way, thanks not only to the people, but to all the excellent conditions they offer. In addition to growing up with St. Peter’s, St. Peter’s also grew with me. I have been following the development of its facilities, always aiming to offer the best conditions. There are few feelings better than that of a young boy seeing that another football field has been built. It is very difficult to highlight names in all these years, but I cannot end without leaving a very special thanks to everyone who contributed to my growth and to having had a privileged childhood. It is an honour to be part of the history of this school and I will always cherish all those moments with great affection and longing. Thank you very much. Afonso Monteiro, St. Peter’s School student from 1996 to 2011.

Ágata Swiatkiewicz

Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas – Universidade de Lisboa (ISCSP – UL) – International Affairs
Uniwersytet Warszawski – Erasmus Programme, International Relations and Affairs

Degree in International Affairs at Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas, da Universidade de Lisboa (ISCSP-UL), having completed second year at the University of Warsaw, Poland, through the Erasmus Programme. 

Between October 2014 and April 2015, I interned at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the American Division; in the summer of 2015, I spent 6 weeks as a volunteer in Cape Verde, with the shared role of Responsible for Partnerships and Communication at the Institute of Democracy and Development; since October, I’ve been interning at the Portuguese Embassy in Vienna and at the Portuguese Mission at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria.

In addition, I perform small jobs, being a judo referee and member of the Portuguese Judo Federation in some competitions in Portugal.

I started at St. Peter’s International School in grade 1 and went up to the grade 12. Having studied at St. Peter’s was very important, because the school and its teachers and staff accompanied me in my growth and development, as a student and person, especially in psychological and behavioural terms. In my point of view, the quality of teaching, as well as the close teacher-student relationship that the school provides, combined with organized rigor, provides the cognitive and intellectual development of any student who respects the school’s rules.

The fact that the school is bilingual is, for me, one of the biggest advantages. Today, I realize the need to know English. Having contact with this universal language since the age of six is an advantage that few students of my generation know. It’s an asset in the professional field, especially in the career I intend to pursue. In addition, I recognize that the fact that I grew up in the same environment during the twelve years I spent at St. Peter’s allowed me to forge lifelong friendships.

November 2015

Carolina Sampaio

When I graduated from St. Peter’s School, in Languages and Humanities, I was far from imagining that three years later, I would be writing these words in Tel Aviv, Israel. Today, in my fourth and final year of law, at the Law Faculty of Lisbon of the Catholic University of Portugal, I can look back and thank St Peter’s for everything I’ve learned. At St. Peter’s School I found a reformed teaching with methods based on a ‘Socratic’ model of learning, where students are required to have an effective and profound reflection on problems and their respective discussion in an enlightened, serious and intellectually demanding debate. More than memorising subject matter, we learn to think for ourselves, to develop our own ideas, and more importantly, we learn to know how to defend them, because as Hofmannsthal said One way to educate ourselves is to challenge a person who has the authority to speak out on a subject where we know their opinion is different from ours.’ A teaching of rigor and excellence, at the same time as personal and personalized. The relationship between teacher and student is the best thing that can be taken from school, we managed to find the perfect balance between authority inside the classrooms and friendship outside them. Competent and extremely demanding teachers. The importance of having studied at St. Peter’s School is reflected mainly at a professional level, but also at a personal level. It was at St. Peter’s that I grew up and learned, in a healthy environment of coexistence and cooperation. Integration in the academic world, at university, was much easier. All the support I had from Primary School to Secondary School allowed me to take the course I always wanted and be successful. Clearly an asset that I take with me is English. It may seem strange coming from a law student, but the world today is increasingly focused on globalization and internationalization and, of course, English is a strategic bet for any chosen field. There would be much more to say, it was many years spent in the same school, and it is with great nostalgia that I remember all the past moments. Undoubtedly, one of the most memorable moments was the 12th grade prom. We realize that we are a big family and that many of the bonds established will not be broken, at the same time that each one followed the path that was reserved for them. I’d like to finish by leaving a special thanks to everyone who was part of the family over the years that I was at St. Peter’s School.
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