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High quality and a lot of talent

6th July 2016

The Director of the Faculty of Economics at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa thanked St. Peter’s International School, following the reception of two students this academic year, from our school, emphasizing their training, which was praised as being of high quality and a lot of talent.

Nova – School of Business and Economics was selected from among 13000 management schools worldwide, for the triple international accreditation, Triple Crown. The institution claims that this distinction is part of a set of tasks carried out by independent companies and institutions such as the Financial Times.

The Faculty of Economics at the Universidade Nova thus challenges students to form a new generation of economists and successful managers, citizens of the world with a social conscience.

Secondary School

Recognized the quality of our students

26 February 2016

Lisbon School of Bussiness and Economics (Católica de Lisboa) congratulates the school and its teachers for the excellent preparation they have been providing to their students, contributing to a solid scientific and cultural formation. Therefore, the high marks of the students of St. Peter’s School in the application to the degrees of Economics and Management are notorious.

In this sense, of the seven students who entered the institution this school year, six were awarded Top+ Catholic Scholarships and Merit Scholarships, as part of the Merit Scholarships program of CATÓLICA-LISBON. These students also benefited from the possibility of belonging to the Catholic – Lisbon Mentoring program, being given the opportunity to discuss issues related to academic progress and career prospects. Congratulations to all who make up this great team!


Development of Competencies

26 February 2016

On September 15, St. Peter’s International School began the 2015-2016 school year. All faculty and non-teaching staff were present on this day to welcome students.

After the classroom meeting with their class director, the High School participated in a lecture in the new school auditorium entitled High School – Skills Development.

For this purpose, we gathered a group of former students of the school, from different areas, who have already concluded higher education, or who, being in the phase of conclusion, are in the job market through their internships.

We reflected on some themes, with the titles: a preparation in secondary education based on experience – curriculum and development of skills; entry into a good college – merit scholarships; the importance of language certifications; Erasmus – Doing? Which site to choose?; professional outings – areas of employability.
Some questions related to higher education abroad were also asked by students from the audience, as some of the alumni had already experienced this experience.

We would like to thank Rosário Cardoso, who graduated in Medicine, at the University of Lisbon; João Guerreiro, who graduated in Economics, at the Catholic University; Tomás Seixas, who graduated in Materials Engineering, at the Instituto Superior Técnico; Maria João Latas, student of Architecture at the University of Porto; Carolina Sampaio, graduated in Law from Universidade Católica, for having shared with us her experiences in courses, Erasmus, Internship, among others, and for having left useful and enlightening advice on the importance of performing a demanding secondary education, employing effective working methods and equipping herself with the necessary tools for university teaching.

We wish you the continuation of an entrepreneurial path that will allow you to achieve all the success you deserve!

Thank you once again for being at the college that accompanied you and will accompany you.
See you soon!

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Alumni Day

30 October 2015

A day dedicated to our former students where we will have soccer games and lectures.


Healthy Day

July 16, 2014

As part of a seminar organised by medical students from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon, on the theme of ‘Food and Obesity in Children’, an activity was organised with kindergarten students, with the main objective of making our students aware of the dangers of ‘Childhood Obesity’.

The aim of this activity was to inform and train under-age children in the field of Healthy Eating. In this context, a theoretical prototype of the ‘Healthy Day’ activity was created, consisting of four interactive stations, all based on the principles of good nutrition, with the final objective of promoting in children the development and adoption of healthy eating habits, in an activity guided by relaxation and good mood.

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Alcohol, Lawful and Illicit Drugs

16 October 2013

In the context of health promotion within the community, in partnership with the Association of Students of the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon, in the promotion of the Boomerang Project, a lecture was held in the auditorium of the school, with the presence of a group of medical students, former students of the school, on the theme “Alcohol, Lawful and Illicit Drugs”.

This activity aimed to develop an awareness campaign, under the guidelines of the Centre for Counselling and Guidance for Young People, which advocates peer education. The target audience was secondary school students, who attended the presentation in an interested way.

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